Sunday, September 18, 2005


I bought a Philips DVD Player from Bestbuy a few months ago and paid, I guess more than $90 just because I wanted something to play my DivX movies which has been downloaded from the Internet. But that was just waste of money! Many functions of the machine is not applicable for DivX movies, including fast forward and rewind! So basically all you can do is just sit in front of the TV and watch the whole movie at once! Or if you're lucky pause it and continue in a few min.! The salesperson also sold two sets of cords for a better audio and video!!! Can you believe this??!! You buy a DVD Player because you believe that DVD has a better quality compare to video tape and then you have to pay a few dollars more for cords and connections! I didn't even open the packs. Returned them in a few days!! But the truth is, I think, the sound quality is very bad! Explosion, engine noises of the cars and all other loud sounds can be heard properly but dialogues, the most important parts of the movies, are not perceived very clearly!
Besides there's another problem: Most of the movies I've tried so far has a problem and get stuck in the machine!! That's may be because I used no name CDs for writing my movies. But even some others (Maxell) have the same problem. Conclusion: I tried to save money by downloading movies through KAZAA (107 movies so far!) and paid a lot for DivX Player but that didn't work!

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