Wednesday, September 07, 2005

A Sound of Thunder

I watched A Sound of Thunder yesterday in Chinook. I enjoyed a lot. Good movie. And I was also scared a little bit. The movie is based on a short story by Isaac Asimov which I read it years ago in Daneshmand monthly and I enjoyed a lot on that time too but nothing is mentioned about Asimov in the movie, as far as I remember. The only week point (in my opinion of course!) is one of the actresses (Catherine McCormack) has a strong British accent and I didn't understand the most part of what she said!
It's a story about a company, Time Safari, which arranges dinosaur hunt in million years ago. There's a scene that a big dinosaur is approaching and they receive the fire order but the laser guns malfunction and they are in trouble. That scene was so exciting because I forgot the story I read years ago!
(Photo: Time travellers have their jump suit on and are ready to go back to million years ago)
Correction (Wed. Sep.14.05): The story is by Ray Bradbury. He wrote it in 1953.

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