Friday, September 02, 2005

Twin Bed

One of the things that I've seen a few times here and made me surprised is that most of single people here have either a twin or bigger bed! I don't! The following people are among the ones that I have in my mind:
1) Resurrect
2) M. M. (The girl I dated briefly in Toronto)
3) The Chef
4) The Brave
Obviously all of the said people are single but they need a company for a few minutes every week! So I totally understand their need! I haven't had even a single bed until last June! I used to use a mattress on the floor when I was a roommate of The Brave in his house. Then I moved to a one bedroom suite which there was a bed in there and I moved that bed to the townhouse I used to share with Resurrect. That bed was old and noisy and its mattress was not good. In order to get rid of that, I made up an story and sold it to Resurrect and he bought it! (Such a naive guy!) I said that a physician banned me of sleeping on this bed. We threw it out and I used an empty bed in the house which has been moved to my new place here! (I paid for that!)

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