Saturday, November 26, 2005


There are three groups of aboriginal people in Canada: First Nations, Inuits and Mites. The first group are the people who live all across the country from east to west including Cree people. Inuits are the people who live far up north in Canada and Greenland. Greenland belongs to Denmark and is very close to Canada in north. A few month ago, when I was in Toronto, the two countries had an issue over a very small piece of rock(!) called Hans island. The last categorized aboriginals are Mites. These are people who their ancestors are French fur trades and English traders.
My buddy, Al is a Mete but got a German family name, Schumacher, meaning shoe-maker. He says his real names is something else and he changed it to Al because didn't wanna get shot by Cowboys!
(Photo: I took this photo that shows first nation people, probably chiefs as they dress like that, in Stampede parade in summer of '04 when we went there with dear Mom)

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