Monday, November 07, 2005

The Greatest Canadian

Last year, CBC had an announcement indicating that the greatest Canadian is goin' to be selected by people. I followed the nominees and their story but not completely. I, too, forgot to vote as I was willing to. Today I just searched for the result and this is what I found:
Top 10 greatest Canadian

I know all of them except for the 1st and the 4th. But my information is limited. You can read the complete profile of each by clicking on the name but this is what I know:
2- Terry Fox was diagnosed cancer and after that he started raising money (by running) for cancer research until the day he died.
3- Pierre Trudeau was one of the famous prime minister of Canada and that's all I know! I guess his photo is in one of the bills.
5- But David Suzuki's story is interesting. He's the host of a TV show called The nature of things and I remember that I watched part of it time to time when I was in Iran. On that time and until the date I watched a little about him on CBC, I always thought he's a Japanese-American.
6- Lester Bowles Pearson's name is on Toronto International airport and that's all I know. He must have been one of the prime ministers!
7- Don Cherry is known by everyone here in Canada and the US I guess. He's a hockey coach and the guy in Coach's Corner show of CBC. He's a very tough guy, a macho and I believe he's also very rude but Canadians love him and that's why he's here in the 7th rank. In the said TV show, most of the time he doesn't let the other guy talks and most of the time jumps in. You must be very patient to host a show with Cherry. He has been banned a few times because of the way he talks or what he says. Last year his show Coach's Corner aired a few sec. late after he mentioned something - it's said - insulting about French-Canadian and European players.

8- John A. MacDonald is the first prime minister after confederation. That what I read during my citizenship studies!
9- Alexander Graham Bell is known by everyone round the world. I remember we had a lesson about the way he invented telephone in a primary or junior high school course. I always thought he's American like Suzuki!
10- And Wayne Gretzky is the Edmonton Oilers player who led them to Stanley Cup and now is Phoenix Coyotes' head coach.
(Photo: Tommy Douglas, the former premier of Saskatchewan is called the most influential Canadian politician who never was a minister)

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