Saturday, November 12, 2005

Tired of This Stupid!

Last night after working out in Talisman and having a good supper in a 24 hour downtown restaurant (Formerly Husky 24 hour restaurant), me and P. M. went to Metropolitan Bar and Grill as that's his favorite hang out place. There's no admission fee and that's why he likes it. Like every time I go out with this ass, he proves that he's a real jerk and a complete moron!
First he was late about 20 min. Then we went for supper and took her truck (from work) and he was so worried for being caught or having an accident. Then we went to the bar and as soon as we reached the line he said he had to take off his pullover and disappeared for about 10 min.! I was in the line and 2 Canadian guys were behind me. One of them was really big. I mean huge. With a shaved head.
We finally got in and P. M. went on the stage immediately. I stood at the deck and ordered my favorite drink and started watching around. A few girls, once, came close to me and they were kind of watching me and waiting but I didn’t do a thing! The big head-shaved guy whom I mentioned earlier and was faced by me one time in the bar was also around and watching the girls and also me. After they almost left he came to me and said: Those girls came to you and you didn’t say a word! Your confidence is shit man! Or something like that!
I guess he’s right a bar or a club is where people come to find companion but I’m sometimes a real idiot in attracting people and I have to find a way to overcome.
Anyway even when an old woman came close to me to order something and I was going to ask her to help to get P. M. down the stage and she rubbed her face to my cheek I didn’t do anything. Finally I got up the stage grabbed him and forced him to leave the bar!
(Photo: Talisman Centre, one of the best sport complexes in Canada. The photo is taken by P. M.'s using his digital camera)

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