Friday, November 11, 2005

Operation Flashpoint

Operation Flashpoint is one incredible PC game that can not be compared to any other one and I, myself, although haven't tried many games but are so addicted to and interested in this one. The game is so real that you feel like you're actually fighting. The other good point is most of the time, there's a different game. I mean depends on the situation, you gotta fight in a different situation. I must confess that unfortunately I used to spend too much time on this but not recently. I just give you examples:
Once I was hiding in the bushes from a tank and it was so close to me that I heard the engine although I was not able to see that. I slipped forward to see where it is and saw it's long cannon tube right over my head. I was so scared that I slipped back suddenly and sighed!
Another time I was running and noticed a soldier is coming to me I hit the ground and threw a grenade while hold me rifle ready to shoot him if the grenade didn't work on him. I saw him raising his hand to throw a grenade but at the time the one that has been thrown by me exploded and killed him!
(Photo: Using an M-16, you're fighting against Russian forces in Europe in this single mission of Operation Flashpoint called Ambush)

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