Tuesday, November 29, 2005

Phone Interview

I should have left Canada long time ago 'cause what has happened to me in last four years, I don't think has ever happened to anyone else! Today is the forth anniversary of my arrival in Calgary and here's what happened:
A lady from CNH left a message for the second time indicating needs me to give her a call regarding the position (QA Engineer) I applied online. I called her back and she set a phone interview for today at noon with another lady from quality department, presumably. I talked and talked to supervisor and superintendent to get today off but didn't work. I told them that need to renew my car registration and insurance. What he suggested is to leave at 11:30 AM and back for the third shift. So I did and sat in the car waiting for her call while it was snowing!
Besides I spent most of my evening time yesterday to get ready for the interview. I prepared a short history of SAIPA and what I did in paint shop and press shop of the said company and how I applied Deming's points (actually Deming's 14 point is a very interesting quality or manufacturing concept, regardless the fact that I don't understand all the 14! I have to find a good source to study that) and established QMS, developed procedures based on ISO standard and assisted in auditing sub-contractors and suppliers. But the interviewer never did ask technical questions. Not even one! My guess is that would be in the next interview, if there was any. I don't remember what position that lady holds in the company or what her name is but Alison, the lady from HR told me everything and I don't remember!

Anyway not long after 12:00 PM the phone rang and that was her from Saskatoon. She first asked if I have half an hour to answer a few question about the position I almost fit in. And I said: Yes. Sure. But I was hearing her with difficulty and a few times had to ask her to repeat her question. The following are the question she asked and I remember:
  1. Tell me a little bit about your work experience and education. (P)
  2. How did you find us? (P)
  3. Why did you think that you fit in this job? (P)
  4. How do you be a good communicator? (P)
  5. Are you a good verbal communicator or a writer one? (P)
  6. [She asked something like if you are ... or logical and as I didn't hear properly and have asked a few times to repeat her question and didn't do that again, as part of my stupidity(!), I answered logical and she asked why and I answered: I just say logical!] (N)
  7. Have you ever leaded a group? (P)
  8. Where do you see yourself in 5-6 years? (P)
  9. Was there any improvement in the project? (N)
  10. How do you get prepared for a project? (P)
  11. How much are you asking for as salary? (-)
I guess that was about it. The word (P) denotes a good answer by me which I think satisfied her and (N) is a bad answer. The interview just took about 14 min. and I guess I misses this opportunity like the previous ones! She said I would hear from the in a week or two through mail or phone.
Today's temp. dropped to -14 ÂșC and was snowing. I drove all the way to the plant as I had to and all the way back and was lucky that nothing happened in highway number 2. The road has been cleared but people mostly were driving slowly and the ones who were faster than me usu. were caught up by me easily!

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