Friday, November 25, 2005


I applied for a Quality Assurance Engineer position in Saskatoon on Nov.20 and when I was calling Telus to cancel a service of mine noticed that have a voicemail and that was them. They called me on Nov.23 which was two days ago and me, the idiot(!) didn't notice that! Seems CNH is a company in agricultural equipment industry. I'll call them tomorrow and if nobody answers, Mon. will be the time.
I also started playing chess through Yahoo and today when playing with a Latino guy who even was not able to speak English (and I finally beat him) Farbod appeared and we chatted for a few min. He is in San Jose now. He moved there right after he finished his degree in University of Waterloo. I should call him and ask about more detail. It's a good base in case I wanna travel to the States.
Also my aunt called exactly at the same time I was talking to Farbob through the net and playing chess! Last time I was talking to her, was the time he was with his son in Denmark, last summer. She talked to me for about 30 min. giving advices about marriage!

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