Sunday, November 13, 2005


We went to Metropolitan for the second consecutive night and what a night! After we had our workout in Talisman and then our dinner at Thai Tai, we went there and there was a line and had to wait for about 40 min.! As we were closing to where the bouncer watches people I heard a fighting and a bottle of bear flew, hit the ground and and was smashed! The big guy claimed up to separate the fighters prob. and went back in a few Sec. while grabbing a Canadian guy in her late 30s. The guy didn't look good and sober. I was a little surprised because the bouncer just escorted him to the main door and left him out! I was expecting more. Then we got in and P. M. went to the stage immediately! I started warming me up with a pint of Kokanee Gold and watching around: There was a Canadian woman who were dancing so sexily and also a cute oriental girl. When I finished my second pint went on the stage and asked P. M. if he drinks anything and he said no! But gave me a $20 bill and I got two more and then returned to the stage and gave one of them to him and started dancing for a few sec. with all girls. He just tasted it and I stole it from him and finished that! That one was my 4th one and I got really drunk. I don't know remember many things about the time we left the bar but I guess that was the time the music ended and the bar was about to be closed.
We went downstairs and I don't remember how I faced a girl who P. M. was trying to have and as she told me later got her e-mail address. I guess she was drunk too. I can't remember everything but recall that she was trying to run away from me and was shouting that she was virgin! I was giving her hugs and kissing her cheeks while she didn't resist much and just ask her friend to help her. She asked for her cellphone to call her dad! I left them for a min. to pee between two stores as P. M. suggested and then got back to them! This time the girl run away and went to a bar called Chameleon! I chased her in there and she asked if I wanted to be involved in a 911 call!! I didn't know what I was doing and then after a few min. of argument and chasing, the father arrived and picked them up! I was so drunk that I was not able to got that out of my head. We hang around for a few more min. and then P. M. suggested to go to his place 'cause he knew I didn't feel good but I thanked and we said goodbye and he left. I, then, drove back home while I was still not sober and God I was lucky that the cops were not around. I guess it was around 03:00 AM when I got home and slept!

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