Sunday, November 06, 2005

A Friend Indeed is a Friend in Need

As I close to the fifth year that I've been living in Canada, I more and more notice that a good friend, a good companion could change my life or at least help me a certain ways. A quick look at the people that I hang out with or I used to just shows me that none of them are my type and I only see them because I have to. Sociability is a need and ignoring that will definitely causes problems and obstacle in life, although having a bad one might cause serious damages too! Lets review the people here:
1- P. M.: He's a very nice guy and much younger than me, may be 10 years but he's very slow! He's really slow!
2- Keiv. M. He just moved to Canada and we went out 2 times. God! This guy is a complete ass! Once I went to his place and he said he was fasting. Before we went out and after he broke his fast he prayed and then we went to a bar and drank beer!! Make up your mind you idiot! What the f**k is that you're doin'? He's also very nervous. Doesn't tolerate anything you say!
3- Hojam He's an illiterate guy from a small town in Fars province of Iran and spends most of his time in the bakery he works for (The bakery that Resurrect used to run and then he sold his share and went to B. C. I'll write about him later) and his basement. He doesn't do anything else but hanging out with H. from Bandar-e-Abbas once a week for a food or chat or going to auction to buy f**king garages which has been taught by Resurrect!
4- Keiv. I abandoned (what a verb!) him almost a year ago. A f**king bully and a potbellied. I never hated someone that much before!
5- Ali G. This guy is a complete maniac! I've written about him and would like to write more. He's been living in Canada for more than 13 years. He has finished his high school in B. C. and got a degree from SFU. I was out with him a few times and God! look at what he says:

  • We are in a bar and waiting for our order. He looks around and says: I'm gonna have a bar like this one day!
  • We were in Banff once and he was looking for some ice cream and we found one but he didn't like it. He said: I'm gonna open an Italian ice cream bar right here!
  • We were talking about life and career and that kind of stuff and he said: I don't wanna work. May be just two days a week. I'm gonna have my company and then I just relax!
  • He said once that he has told the company guys that he just would be here for 2 years. Then once he said that he would like to buy a house in Calgary! Are you completely out of your mind or what?
I don't know when I will find a sane, normal human being to spend my free time with!

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