Tuesday, February 07, 2006


I wrote the citizenship test today and I should say that was the most ridiculous test I’ve ever written ... Well the most in Canada. We all sat at the tables after the test supervisors checked our documents and then one of them explained how the test runs. The test has 20 multiple-choice questions and you have to get 12 to pass the test. Beside the last 5 questions are mandatory and you have to have the correct answer for the first two and correct answer for one out of three for the rest. The test started at 11:00 AM and we had 30 min. to finish that and hand in the answer sheet and questions booklet. I was done by 11:04 AM and got out immediately. I’m going to write to every media I can and tell them how meaningless this test is. People like Khadr family who used to live with Al-Qaida leader, Ben Laden are Canadian citizens and abuse it like many others do. Also I’m going to write to the new Immigration and Citizenship Minister who was just appointed to the office yesterday after Harper sworn-in ceremony. I had a short chat with a very nice Canadian guy in Harry Hays building, where I wrote the test and goin' to have oath ceremony. He was kind of a guide with a special uniform in the building which is the main Federal Government building in Calgary. (Harry Hays was a rancher and farmer who then became the mayor and then the minister of agriculture and a member of House of Commons, of course. The main Federal Government building has been named to his honor)
The damn citizenship also costs me a $26 and few cents for fingerprint just because of my nationality and name, regardless of the other regular expenses of it. The test supervisor also indicated that the oath ceremony date is not determined yet because the judge is sick. He had a minor heart attack. I wonder what people fail that test. All the people in the room today passed it but that was a challenge for some. A. Palani, the Kurdish guy whom I used to hang out with sometimes and stopped that, failed both written and oral tests! Sounds like my cousin in B. C. failed too! She once called my Mom and asked if I have passed the test and Mom said yes and that was months ago, prob. in summer. She said to Mom that she has written the test and is waiting for the result while I knew that the result is given right after the test and she lied to Mom! A. Palani told me that after he failed his written test. She should be ashamed both for lying to my Mom and failing that easy test.
And the last thing about citizenship for today: There was a debate over a Jamaican born black man who is a member of team Canada in Bobsleigh in Torin Winter Olympic Games which will be started the coming Fri. He was not a Canadian citizen until the Olympic committee found out that he could be a gold medal winner with his Canadian born partner in Bobsleigh two-man event. He was granted citizenship shortly after. No hassle! Piece of cake!
(Photo: Four-man Bobsleigh team of Canada. There are only a few team all round the world for this though sport and just 14 certified tracks in 5 continents)

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