Friday, February 10, 2006

Mutual Stupidity

There’re different reactions toward the cartoons which first were published in a Danish newspaper in last Sep. in Canadian universities. Some of them say because that might raise anger and violence, they won’t be published. Some oppose censorship. CBC didn’t show them. But I will put them here. There could still be people, who haven’t seen them yet and wonder what those cartoons are which made extremists to invade and burn Danish embassy in countries like Syria, Lebanon and Iran. The funny thing is all that happened after more than 4 months. Whatever the cartoons mean, people don’t have the right to climb up the walls, throw stones and burn the embassies or tear off the flags. There’s no limit for the stupidity of fundamentalists. The idiots don’t fucking simply understand that they make life more miserable for minority Muslims in European countries and make them more and more isolated! Also the Danish newspaper’s editor who gave the permit for publishing the cartoons and the other newspapers all around Europe who republished them are as stupid as those fucking extremists! Maybe more. They have had the same experience several times before. Salman Rushdie and his book The Satanic Verses is a good example. So why the hell did they do that? I have no fucking clue! When you step on a cat’s tail and the cat jumps and scratches your face, would you stomp on its tail again!?
(Photo: The best cartoon related to Prophet Muhammad, in my view which was published in Jyllands Posten for the first time in Denmark. Muhammad says to suicide attackers that there's no more virgin left in heaven for them. Pointing to that stupid promise of Islam that if you're martyr, you'll go to heaven and can enjoy your time with virgins who are being waiting for you. And being a suicide attacker and detonating yourself is one of the fastest ways to get there!)

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