Friday, February 24, 2006

Resource Rebate

There was a pleasing news in the last days of 2005 indicating that the Government of Alberta is going to send everyone in the province a cheque of $400 as a result of province's budget surplus. Basically the people who has filed year 2004 tax are eligible. I, like everyone else was waiting for that 'cause even the small amount of money is better than nothing esp. for someone like me who's drowning in debt! I waited for that and by the time I noticed that it was too late, checked the Government's website. It's indicated there that anyone who hasn't received the check after Feb.10 should call a toll free number that is provided for that service. I called that number and noticed that my cheque had been mailed to my previous address, where I used to live with that stupid psycho animal, Resurrect, weeks before the end of the year. The lady also told me that she would send me a form that must be filled out to receive a replace cheque, regardless the fact that I have to check my previous address. I went there last Fri. and there was a black nice family there. They told me that they have given the mail to the mailman. So I signed the form and found former partner of Resurrect as witness, he signed it (I had Hojam in my mind for that) and I mailed it last Sat. Today I received my cheque. Thanks Ralph! That will sure cover small part of my expenses!
(Photo: Ralph Klein, Premier of Alberta. Some say he should leave the office soon. He has also been chosen as the funniest man of Alberta!)

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