Tuesday, February 21, 2006


I received another ring from Tri Ocean as I told them I'd be free after Feb.16, last week and I was re-booked for today at 01:30 PM. I went there. It's an engineering company in a tower building in Downtown and I met with the Quality Manager of them who is a nice Canadian lady. During the interview I could not take my eyes away from her hands and beautiful nails which have been manicured very well! But her face was just average looking among all gorgeous Canadian girls.
The interview went very smoothly and I don't think I messed up anything. She asked me almost everything and it took about an hour. She will be my boss, if I get the job and that's an office job in that building. Levels 8 to 14 belong to Tri Ocean and they might need to expand their office later she said. As it's an EPC company and they have sent a proposal to a client's new bid, I will be employed only if they win the bid. She said that they would know by the end of the month. That, then would be a position for a year with a chance to be extended, if there's work. I'll be a self-starter and I'll be assigned to the project to take care of it. Preparing procedures, perform training, and do auditing and more would be part of my job.
There were only two things that surprised me a little. The first one is when I was going to put on my suit, I noticed it's small for me now! I'm about 194 Lbs. So may be that's not very strange! After that when I asked her where the project is located, she said that's confidential! I don't care where the site is as long as I work in the office. I was just curious. She told me at the beginning that they work with Shell and also are busy with projects in Alaska. So she has given me the answer already.

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