Wednesday, February 15, 2006


I just read something that shocked me a little. Todd Bertuzzi is in trouble again. The Vancover Canucks right winger is hit by a lawsuit by Steve Moore, the guy who was punched by him in 2003-04 season and still is out and his parents.
This time I have a different feeling toward him. I feel sorry for him and don't want him to be hurt. First of all because he's out to Torino with Team Canada and played well in the first victory against Italy. I was watching the game and in the third period he was right in front of the Italian goaltender when Iginla shot the puck and he jumped high and let the puck get in the net. That was a very nice move of that veteran NHLer. Second of all I think he has been punished for what he did esp. because he appeared on TV and apologized the public and Moore. He forfeited US $501,926.39 and hundred of thousands in endorsements. But that doesn't make Moore and his parents happy. Moore is still out of NHL and his future is in doubt. He got three broken vertebra!!
Moore first filed a lawsuit in Denver but the case was dismissed by the judge there as it has not any standing in Colorado. This time the lawsuit is filed in the Ontario Superior Court of Justice. He's seeking US $15 million in pecuniary damages, for loss of income, US $ 1 million in aggravated damages and US $2 million in punitive damages. Moore's parents was watching the game which was going on in GM Place, Vancouver and the Caunacks lost to Colorado 2-9 and they have filed another lawsuit against him for negligent infliction of nervous shock and mental distress for US $1.5 million! I wonder who Bertuzzi plays for Team Canada after hearing all these unpleasant things. He's really a tough guy!
(Photo: Bertuzzi, left is seen here in this today's photo from Italy congratulates Iginla on his goal against Italy which leaded to a 8-2 victory over the host of the games)

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