Monday, February 27, 2006

CSI Wireless

There was a quality engineer in a telecommunication company in Calgary called CSI Wireless which I applied last Jan. Their quality manager called me wanted to arrange for an interview but also said that he was going on vacation for two weeks and we would meet after he's back and he specifically set Feb.22 for the interview. As I didn't receive any phone call from the company on that date, I decided to find out what has happened to the position and e-mailed them in the weekend. Here's his reply:


Sorry for the delayed response. As you’ll recall, I was away on vacation and got back last week… which was extremely busy for me, not to mention a 12-hour jet lag that slowed me down a bit.
Regardless, I was going to be able to finally respond to all applicants today. Unfortunately, the news is not so good for you as someone internal has taken the job. Indeed, there was some internal restructuring that occurred while I was away which freed up an employee suited for the QE position.
I thank you again for your interest in CSI Wireless. I’ll let you know if this or other Quality positions open up in the future.

Best regards.
Quality Manager

The answer sounds like a joke to me. Quality Manager of a company needs someone in his department he goes on vacation and when he's back he sees that the position is filled internally!
I'm not going to say this to that asshole as doesn't help me. Let him think that he's fooled me! My only hope in this week is Tri Ocean.

* Jet lag = A temporary disruption of bodily rhythms caused by high-speed travel across several time zones typically in a jet aircraft

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