Saturday, February 11, 2006

Tri Ocean

Another career opportunity is gone like many others! I applied for a position as Quality Engineer from an oil and gas company in Calgary, Tri Ocean and had a voice mail from them in Feb.01 but didn't notice that for a week and then when I called them, an interview was set for Feb.09. Last Tue. when I was in the Government building to write my citizenship test, actually after that, they called me and mentioned that that's a temp. position with a one year contract and asked if I'm OK with that or not. I said that I was OK with that. I thought I would work for them and if there's a chance to get my contract extended, that's fine. If there's not I'll pack and go to Iran and rest or go back to that stupid career haunting!
Then I was dreaming about having a Downtown job and I went and found the company building, a tower in Downtown, and imagined myself in a nice office behind a desk and with a falt monitor and beautiful Canadian women as my colleagues! But I simply couldn't get the day off and called them and say that I was not able to attend the interview because of the emergency travel which make me to fly to the east! If I didn't show up on Thu. they would suspend me and that could result to determination as well, although I don't see a little chance. I can't risk because I'm in deep shit now. I owe lots of money and just passed my citizenship test. All I'm gonna do is continue my job, keep on career hunting and pay off my dues. When I'm in no debt, that's the time for rethinking.

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