Saturday, February 11, 2006


The 20th winter Olympic games officially started yesterday in Turin, Italy. I watched the openning ceremony on CBC and that was magnificent. That's the first opening ceremony of Olympics, summer or winter which I was able to watch on TV. Salt Lake City Olympic games in the US held for years ago and that was the time I just came to Canada. About 80 countries attended the games including a few Africans and Central Americans!!
Imagine countries like Senegal, Brmuda and Ethiopia that never get snow in the year. These stupid people have sent 1 athlete and 2 officials to the games! International Olympic Committiee must have a minimum record for the athletes.
The main competion would occue between the US, Canada, Russia, Northern European Countries and the three Asian powers, Japan, China and Korea. Korea marched under one flag but they compete as two different teams. Iran has a small team too. They have two skiers in two different classes.
(Photo: Team Canada marches in Turin. The clothing of Canadian athletes has been made and designed by HBC this time)

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