Thursday, February 16, 2006

Two Good Points by Cherry

Don Cherry is a hockey icon and he was invited to CBC studio today and also yesterday to talk about hockey games of Olympics. He mentioned that Team Canada should not take Germany short. " They're tough " he said. Fortunately they played very well and won over that team 6-1. The first score of the game was very catchy. Germans went toward Canadian net and there was a one-on-one which was blocked by Brodeur. The rebound was shot again on the empty net but got blocked again, this time by the defender and then a long pass to German net and a nice score.
But what Cherry mentioned is first Canadian Women Hockey Team shouldn't have run up the score against the host of the games and Russia. He confirmed what a member of the US Women Hockey team said a few days ago and I read that and I was surprised! Her point is Canadian shouldn't have done that because Italy is the host! As I reached this point I didn't read more. But what Cherry concluded is if Canadians and Americans keep doing that, European might take this game out of winter games! Just like what they did to Baseball in summer Olympics.
The other point is about the new lawsuit against Bertuzzi. He insisted that what the Vancouver Canuck player did was very very wrong but Moore and his parents shouldn't wait until Olympics and then announce that he's sued! That's not a good time. He needs to focus on his game. It's hard to play when your mind is somewhere else and you're thinking about the time you enter a Canadian airport and cops are waiting there for you! That's what I mentioned in my post of last Wed.
(Photo: One of Colorado authorities examines Moore a few sec. after he got punched from behind by Bertuzzi)

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