Thursday, February 16, 2006


Skeleton is one of the most exciting races in Winter Olympics. The athlete lays down on a small piece of metal with two rails which is not much bigger than his or her body size and slides down a track, face-down! That's too much of a risk. The speed sometimes gets up to 120 km/h! He or she controls the speed and manoeuvres using his or her legs and also trunk.
Canada won a bronze today in women's event. Mellisa Hollingsworth-Richards (Prob. her family name comprises her and her husband's) from Cochrane, Alberta (A small town north-west of Calgary) was on the podium beside the Swiss lady who took the gold medal and the British, the winner of silver. I watched the second heat (The second time they slide down the track) of the athletes and that was so exciting.
(Photo: The Canadian bronze medal winner in her last seconds of one of the two heats in Skeleton event)

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