Monday, January 29, 2007

Class 2

I just started a training course to get a class 2 driver’s licence today. The instructor started with pre-trip inspection and damn that was cold! We had to stand in the damn cold morning of winter at about 09:40 and see what’s behind the hood (or as it’s said in Britain the bonnet!) That was not too hard and actually was really good as you learn new things but imagine that you have to do this everyday in the cold early morning of winter and fall! I was apparently was shaking like a leaf and that was partially because I was a little excited and intimidated! She, then, showed us how to do the other types of pre-driving inspections and the other one are boring as well. Then we went for a ride. She was driving the big bastard very smoothly and continuously was checking the two big side mirrors called West Coast mirrors and the mirrors below them, the convex one. They act as the driver’s eyes as there’s no rearview mirror available on the bus. The vehicle is really long and extra caution should be taken when it’s being driven backward or turning at the intersections.
I then gave it a try and actually was doing really well. I was not excited and scared anymore and that was partially because the sun was shinning and it was completely up in the sun! Then we drove to a yard to practice a little of that cone driving thing. I was not practically very bad at that one either and that was it. I, unfortunately has lost my confidence lately. It's fucking because, first of all, of my own aggressive behaviour which leads to bad reasults. So I really have to fix this damn problem soon!
(Photo: You have to successfully pass a cone driving test like what you see here. That probably is part of the final road teat you're taking. You are not restricted by time but the bus is really big and you only can use your side mirrors. You have to do a kind of zig zag both forward and backward!)

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