Sunday, August 24, 2008

Average on Cooper

You probably know about Cooper Test. It’s a running test defined for different age ranges of different genders and configures your ability. I did that test today and it was a total disappointment! According to the little table above, I have to do at least 2300 m in 12 min. to be considered a good athlete but I only did 1931.21 m which is the lowest length to be considered average!

I’m surprised a bit but at the same time shouldn’t be better than this because of my weight. I’m some 201 Lb at the moment which is 91 Kg. My little love has recently said that I should be anything between 80 to 83 Kg but I’m not sure.
Regardless of that what this short exercise tells me is I have to work much harder to get in shape and don’t have much time because of aging.
One more thing to consider: I did that on a treadmill not a track. There could be differences, if I did that on a track such as wind, temperature, etc.

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