Sunday, August 10, 2008


I and S. J. went to the tennis courts nearby yesterday afternoon and played a bit. We both got two used wooden racquets from a Value Village and played while had our casual dresses on! That was his stupid idea. Man! This is a breathtaking game! That was my first time and his as well. We didn’t know anything about the way we score, lines, sets, nets or anything. We were just trying to hit the ball with our racquets and pass it over the net. That, indeed, was very hard most of the time. Backhand is probably the most difficult technique.
I’m going to read and learn all the information for our next weekend game. Today I’m not feeling well emotionally. I don’t know what the hell is wrong. So probably during the week. It’s goin’ to be a tough week, this one.
(Photo: I chose Beijing's tennis logo. Just wanted to ornament the post. I will write about the interesting parts of 2008 Olympics. This is the second Olympic that I witness here in Canada)

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