Saturday, August 09, 2008

The Mystery of the Dreams

I had two strange dreams last night and as they usually are forgotten soon, I try to write them down here:
The first one which was extremely strange, I leave it. The next one I assume is a reflection of my recent communication with Keiv. SNC Lavalin Profac Inc., a big Canadian company which has branches in different cities of Canada including Vancouver and Calgary has an opening for Quality Control Engineer for his Vancouver office. I decided to apply for the position so I contacted Keiv who works in Calgary office and asked if he knew anyone in QA/QC department of Vancouver and the answer was no. Then I forwarded my resume to him and asked him to send it to the Vancouver office because after all his e-mail address is a SNC address and is more welcomed than mine.
Nothing happened and then I asked him if I can call the office and say that I’m him, asking for the opportunity situation. He neither let me call as him nor called himself. So I called myself and tried to talk to HR but the one who picked the phone didn’t put me through! Then I e-mailed Keiv and told him the story and he stated that there was nothing that he could do.
Now there’s my last night’s dream but before that let me tell you what happened last night. I came home after a not very busy working night and had a little shopping at Safeway. I made a few sandwiches and chopped them all up before I went to shower. I wanted them for today’s breakfast but I was so young, I couldn’t resist! (Led Zeppelin in How many More Times) Then I had my shower and hit the bed. I dreamt that I was in a supermarket, some place like Superstore and the cashier made a mistake and then the supervisor came and fixed that. I guess I had bought a cake or something like that and then the supervisor said that I also had won a MP3 Player! Then I was waiting somewhere to be served, probably my cake, and there Keiv showed up in a waiter’s dress with the empty dish, like a bowl! He mentioned something like the cake was gone and also said that I should have forgotten about the MP3 player and I was trying to get it while insisted that I have my own iPod!
I guess the MP3 Player is the SNC’s position which keiv didn’t do much about it and the iPod is the current position which is still open to me, the one with McElhanney. But maybe all these are coincidences and means nothing!
And finally just to fill you more in, I tell you how everything is being mixed in terms of job searching in the next post.

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