Saturday, August 16, 2008

Ara at Rage

Remember Ara from the last Olympic? I mistakenly called him Iranian-Swedish because I thought he had been moved to Swedish like many Iranians and sought asylum as a refugee but the fact is he was born in Armenia so he is considered Armenian-Swedish.

But why is he in the centre of attention again? Is that because he gain another medal for Sweden? May be not.

What happened is when he was on podium in the ongoing Olympic and was given his bronze, he made a gesture and then he left the podium and put his medal in the mat and left the ceremony. He did that as a sign of objection to the referee's decision in the semi-final match where he were defeated by Italian wrestler. He went for the officials and argued with them but that didn't changed anything. He was named disqualified after he left the podium and in 84 kg class of Greco-Roman wrestling of Beijing Olympic there's no sign of him any more. He announced his retirement after that.

I completely understand his situation. He wanted a gold Olympic medal in his last days but politics had him deprived of that. I would probably would do the same but a little milder. Would keep the medal!
(Photo: This is when Ara rushed toward the officials at the desk and started arguing. The frustrated wrestler eventually left the Olympic empty-handed but not regretful, I'm sure)

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