Monday, August 18, 2008

Miracle or Mirage?

I had a week of training started last Wed. The topic is very interesting: Canadian justice and law. Mon. was the last day at packing work. I called them in the morning of Tue. And made up a story of my friend being extremely sick and I’m taking care of him.
Then it was interview day Thu. I really feel good about it am very hopeful. There’s no guarantee though. I see a few signs which may lead to a permanent full time position with the company:
1- He offered an ISO 9001:2000 lead auditor course, held in Coquitlam soon.
2- I almost satisfied him with all of the questions.
3- I didn’t let him to take control and bomb me with questions. I participated. It was mostly a friendly conversation.
4- He was going to introduce me to the company’s vice president. We left the conference room for his office but he was not in.
I guess there are only two dark points:
1- As he said I have not a Civil Engineering background. (I almost persuaded him how I would be able to handle the position with not such a background)
2- When he asked me how much I was asking for the salary I didn’t give him any number.
The second one could not be a serious threat but the previous one might be.
Anyhow everything is going to be clear in the next two week, up to Sep. Then I decide to what to do with the place I like to reside in and the vehicle I will be driving.

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