Saturday, August 09, 2008

Waiting for the Greener

I contacted a local Toyota dealer regarding the possibilities of financing a vehicle, specifically a Prius, what the answer is, might be interesting to you: You should wait for Prius! I’m not sure whether the salesperson is playing a trick or it’s simply is what it is. Obviously he wants to sell and gets his commission so doesn’t seem that there’s any intention for deflecting a customer.
After all I’m not ready to finance a vehicle although I really am in need of one, not a Prius which costs more than $30,000. Toyota has reduced its MSRP and that’s another reason why the demand is so high. The other factors are the high gas price and lack of many alternatives. Honda stopped its assembly line of a Civic Hybrid as a loss of a battle to Toyota and GM’s and Ford’s don’t seem as much satisfactory to the customers.

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