Wednesday, August 06, 2008

The Continuous Battle: Job Searching

I started a stupid job in the afternoon with a poultry plant last week. It’s close to home, I get the bus in front of the main door and then walk for 10-11 min., I’m there. But at night when I’m goin’ back there’s a bus which takes me to an intersection and it’s almost 11:45 PM. When’s the next bus coming? 12:14 AM and I’m walking home! Fuck!
Then I had an interview with Commissionaires. I easily passed but I have to attend a 2-weeks training course and have to pay for that! If I’m successful and stay 6 month on the job, part of that money is returned to me. But then again it’s a stupid low-paid job for jar heads. Nevertheless there’re opportunities. It may be easier to get a job in the police, RCMP and military.
And the last but not the least I had a phone interview (or as they call it screening) with a big engineering company for a QMS (Quality Management System) Specialist position. I was told that there’re 5 candidates left and the person who’s holding the position at the moment, will be retired in a year and the company is looking for someone to replace him. The job needs frequent travels to Calgary and Edmonton but is Lower Mainland based and a permanent position. That’s a job that everyone is dreaming about but will I be the one who embraces success?

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