Wednesday, August 27, 2008


There’s an organization here in B. C. which might lead you toward success and that’s SUCCESS. But honestly you go there only and only if you either want to waste your time or laugh a bit. I spent 5 mornings in there and in the fifth day I was really bored, agitated and frustrated. There was only one guy that you could say that he knows something, well may be two of them but the people are usually horrible in there. So what happens in there is people, the newcomers go there and they expect to hug success in there soon and most of the time they won’t. But what they say is different they say they will and tell you the amazing stories about the successful people who actually got to well-paid jobs through them. I can tell that they are lying and there’s one thing that I can tell and that’s what S. J. said once. He said they are more likely are willing to keep their job up and running till get a job for you!
There’s one woman who was my case manager, an Architecture program graduate, a holder of a Masters degree and I’d say that she was trying to help but she mostly was pretending that she was helping. I mean look at the situation where a holder of Master’s is satisfied with a shit job in a Government founded organization, do you think that person has any motive or interest to send you to a professional job which might get more than $70,000 annually, especially when she/he is Iranian or Chinese??!!
By the way why don’t you just give it a shot?

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