Friday, August 04, 2006

How Far Is This Goin’?

Gasoline price is continuously going up and seems there’s no end to that. It was ¢103.9 in June.24 and then went up to ¢110.4 in July 07. I filled up half for ¢115.9 yesterday. It has been at this price for almost two week but experts say it’s even going higher. So by paying $30 I only bought 26.69 liter of gas! This is the cause of millions of dollars lost sale in recent months for the three major auto makers in North America.
A recent poll in city of Calgary shows that only 41% of people say they’re traveling in this long weekend! Some say they’re barely able to drive to a grocery store!
With storm season on it's way and all those stupid confrontation between Iran and the West, there’s a high likelihood of having the prices up to … well ... I don’t wanna know!
Prius owners seem the only one unharmed. This amazing hybrid is very popular now and the interesting thing is there’s not much different between a new and a used one.
But somebody should do something about this. Automakers have already made hybrid cars but that’s not enough. Researches for a new fuel have not reached the point that a revolution in auto industry could be claimed. But may be they have discovered or invented a replace but don’t wanna announce it soon, with all those dealers and stocks packed with unsold sedans, SUVs, vans and trucks. Just like cancer cure. Many people here in North America believe that the scientist have found the ultimate miraculous cure to cancer but don’t reveal it as long as they make good money with the medicine they sell! They might be true.
(Photo: This digital picture shows how much every litre of gas worth in the afternoon of July.07)


محسن باقری said...

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The Tough Guy said...

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