Wednesday, October 01, 2008

Devastated Nation

I was changing the stations yesterday to find something interesting to watch until I noticed that Not Without my Daughter is being broadcasted. I watched it. The movie is banned in Iran and actually I saw it first when I was in the University. Saeed K. A chemical engineering student from Tehran Pars, a guy I used to know and we used to go home taking the same route, lent that to me.
The movie looked stupid and ridiculous to me on those days and also yesterday but I thought today to me: What made those people making such an insulting and offensive movie to Iranians, their culture and their country?
The answer is simple and easy: Iranians, themselves. Iranians started going down and deep right after the 1979 Revolution and more specifically a few years after 1980-88 War. Now the country is corrupt. Poverty, prostitution, crime, drugs and everything is part of normal daily life.
Rather than that are the Iranians outside their home country who are just another shame, even bigger to their culture and heritage. Here in Coquitlam there’s a Starbucks which in the afternoon these disgusting and shameless people sit, smoke and show their legs or tattoos and basically act like a real jerk. This is all they have learnt from Western culture. And this is a large number of them. Don’t say that there are Iranians who work for NASA or teach in this university or that collage. I know all about that. Even if that is a fact, that doesn’t change anything. Academic education doesn’t help with social and humanitarian attitude. One person could be a Ph. D. Graduate but act like an animal like the one I just mention in the post dated Sep. 25th.
(Photo: This piece of paper scanned from Vancouver Sun shows an Iranian predator animal who is a criminal from the rich community of West Vancouver, where the supporters of fallen King Pahlavi or Iran live! There are many of them here in Canada. Click on the scanned paper and read the story)

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