Saturday, October 18, 2008

National Election '08

I didn’t vote in the recent national election which was last Tue. I received my election card from Elections Canada though. I didn’t vote for several reasons:
1- I haven’t had a good, complete study of the parties, their policies and plans and their views on different issues of the country.
2- I don’t think in a Capitalism society the parties run the country. The companies reign. Not to mention that the parties, each are supported by group of companies, I think. And of course the companies don’t care about anything but increasing their profit, gaining more cheap labour from poor countries around the world and finding ways to reduce the wages and benefits. So what’s the point of voting then?
3- Caucasian Canadians usually treat non-Caucasians like me, very rudely. So I didn’t go to an election station to be humiliated and teased. That’s what they mostly do as soon as they see you have dark hair and a strange name and family name.
4- Economy was perhaps the number one issue for Canadians in this year’s election. So it was for me as well. But I had other problems that would like to hear about the parties’ views on them, which doesn’t look like they are as important as to the Canada-born Canadians and Caucasians. Issues like non-stop flow of refugees to Canada, unemployment, cheap survival jobs, more and more populated cities.
After all the Conservatives won the election and Harper is the Prime Minister again. I don’t know much about their policies and plans for the future of Canada but there are three things that I know about them and would like to share:
1- Harper is going to be tougher on crime. His government is going to jail the criminals instead of letting them walk around. It’ll be very good, if they really do that.
2- Canada’s economy has suffered least from the recent turmoil and that’s because of what Flaherty, the finance minister has done. Also Canadian banks have not many investments on the US mortgages, so it didn’t bother them as much as it did to the Europeans.
3- Canada, no matter what party runs the country, has to be in Afghanistan. The mission has been started when the Liberals had the majority or (minority!) in the Parliament and was carried on when the Conservatives started. Canada is there because the US wanted them there. And Canada has to obey because the two countries are allies and have strong economical ties. I don’t blame Harper’s government for extending the mission to 2011. You lose something to gain something. Or better to say: No pain, No gain.
So anyway this is my partial view on election ’08. I’m trying to get more involved as I become an older Canadian citizen and getting into government and official jobs. I’d like the day that I talk to my MP just to see his or her reaction to a non-Caucasian, foreign-born Canadian who has a role in this country.
One last world: Liberals, it’s said, that they received the least support since the confederation in this year’s election. I think they made a mistake and it’s apparently only my personal opinion: Canadians who are born here might laugh at me but the stupid mistake is putting Dion as the leader of the party. I mean let’s say he’s a great politician, strategist and charismatic person. He’s not able to communicate with people! He doesn’t understand English. John, a partner of mine, at work said that he didn’t understand him! There was a short video on CBC that showed him sitting with an interviewer. He was asked: What would you do if you were the prime minister today? He didn’t understand the question! The guy repeated his question in this way again: What would you do if hypothetically you were the prime minister of Canada? This time he pretended that he didn’t hear the guy! So would you trust such a person to run your country especially in this moment or turmoil? I wouldn’t!

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