Thursday, October 23, 2008

Disappointing W.

I finally went to a movie theatre in B. C. today after more than year and a half living in this shitty province and watched a movie: W. I went to a Cineplex in Metropolis. This is a huge shopping and professional centre and over-crowded and busy like most of the places in B. C., full of short, ugly, stupid Asian girls from different parts of Far East.
I have to say that the movie is boring and I’m totally disappointed. This is not what I was expecting from Oliver Stone. Great movies like Platoon, JFK and The Doors are the ones which remind me of him. But like every other director he had his up and downs. This is his second based on what I know. Alexander was a total disappointment and that’s why I didn’t catch it.
Anyway the movie lacks a good story. It begins from when George W. Bush was a university student and goes up to the time when he got the governor of Texas, points out that he can’t stay in a job and that his father who always makes telephone calls and is his reference. But Stone doesn’t say how the hell he wins 2001 election. He perhaps doesn’t see the need because it’s been already said by Michael Moore in his 9/11 movie. The rest mostly I knew. The movie doesn’t also say about the time he was in Texas Air National Guard and although says he goes to Harvard but doesn’t cover any of those days.
Actors and actors are OK and they simply resemble the characters. One more stupid thing in the movie that I forgot to mention is 9-11-01 attacks and the Bush administration reaction to that. Stone shows that they are talking about attacking Iraq and Colin Powell opposes but doesn’t show anything about after and before the attacks to the World Trade Centre and other targets in the US. Once again may be because it had already been covered in Fahrenheit 9/11 movie. I wanted to get the DVD of this movie just right after it’s released. Now I believe it’s just a waste of money. I also don’t recommend it. Spend your time somewhere else!
(Photo: Stone, left and Brolin in W.'s premier)

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