Sunday, October 05, 2008

An Idea

Last week I had to walk all the way from Braid Station to a damn 7-11 store to get the fucking key out of a mailbox belong to that asshole S. J. because the idiot simply didn't ask for extra key while I was there and we also couldn't duplicate it because first of all the key is a large one which is not cut everywhere and second of all a Do Not Duplicate is curved big on it and I don't think it's easy to have a key like that cut anywhere.
So I was walking after 8 hours of work and I was dying on me. I thought what if I pretend that I fainted and fell down! Someone may notice in a few minutes and day call an ambulance. They'll take me to a hospital. They treat me and then they send me home. Furthermore I may feel not too good and spend the night.
On the second thought it's not feasible. They will charge me all the costs: from the ambulance to hospital bed, meals, medicine, tests, etc. especially because I'm not covered by any health plan. But that might works for someone who is covered if s/he plays fine!

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