Saturday, October 04, 2008

A Good Example for Teens

Looks like Iranians are far more advanced, decent, nice and civilized than what I originally thought and expressed in last couple of posts.
This time a criminal teaches youth how to stay away from alcohol, drugs, theft, speeding and so on! I should congratulate Canadians on their stupidity! They let such people out and think someone like these changes overnight. Just looking at the way this guy dresses and presents him: sleeveless underwear, chain (it’s leash actually!), tattoos all over. What a sound and safe example for young kids and teens! I think there’s at least one thing that Harper said and I liked a lot and that is keeping young offenders and violators behind the bars for a longer term and that obviously works if their prison is different from adults and the period gets longer every time they repeat the violation.
(Photo: Amir J., the criminal who is being saved by our Lord, Jesus in front of a church! Obviously this kind hearted, well-dressed polite exotic human is a good example for the teens and kids to follow and fill up Canadian jails! That's good in a way. That creates lots of jobs in the society! Imagine the number of cops, Juvenal facility guards, lawyers, judges, etc we'll need all across Canada, coast to coast when creatures like this navigate our society!)

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