Thursday, October 09, 2008

I'm Good!

I went to this Guilford Recreation Centre for the second time today. It’s not a bad gym, a little better compare to Coquitlam but the fucking lockers swallow your change! I mean every time you get in you have to put money in and the locker doesn’t give it back to you at the end of the session! I heard that there’s a track and especially when I was told it was upstairs I thought of something like Talisman where I liked it a lot. But ... it was completely disappointing!
So I decided to go do my Cooper Test on a treadmill as usual and today I did 1.29 miles in 12 min. which is 2076.04 m (have more digits!) and considered good. It’s so close to Average which I just got out from but shows that I can easily beat 2500 m and get Very Good after considerable amount of exercises.
(Photo: Dr. Kenneth Cooper who the test is named after his after he designed this physical fitness test. I may write about him later)

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