Thursday, October 09, 2008

Not too Far from the Pick of Success

Having just said how Iranians are being recognized as a civilized and developed nation all around the world not only because of the way the government of Iran presents great Iranian culture but also the way they behave abroad, I would like to present one another way that Iranians express themselves to the world of entertainment, this time: Being an exotic escort in Canada.
Nevertheless this is not the first time Iranian girls are involved in sex trade business. They started it a few years ago in Dubai, UAE but the difference is those poor girls are either from families who suffer from poverty or forced to do so. How about these ones who are all immigrants living in West Vancouver, North Vancouver and Coquitlam and have their noses up in the air all the time?
This is not Ahmadi-Nejad who forces them to be an official highly-paid prostitute in Canada. This is Iranian people who actually keep this religious-fundamentalist–Islamic government on the throne.
(Photo: This small scanned piece is cut from a local free entertainment magazine available in metropolitan Vancouver, called Straight of Georgia, as a resemblances to Strait of Georgia in the south of the province. I didn't erase the number in case someone wants to have fun either with Persian girls or with any other background. Why would I?)

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