Thursday, October 16, 2008

Confusing Economy

I really don’t understand this stupid economics. Now you’re able to buy CND $1.29 for every 1 US dollar you spend. It was vice versa last year, even a few months ago when I was in Europe and Iran. I think nobody understands; not even the economists! I guess if they knew, we wouldn’t have been in this mess now!
Crude oil is down to almost $74 a barrel. Can you believe this crap? Just remember July! That’s probably why Jafar hasn’t called me yet and probably never will. I was goin’ to have a job with Halliburton through one of his friends but I think the whole story was bullshit. It’s a long one but I rather not to mention it here.
Anyway I’ll be doing this crappy job and keep looking till I get a better one and keep up this blog. One of the guys I had contacted once in late Aug. and that’s a lease guy, e-mailed me and asked me if I had bought one. Here’s my answer at the end of this post:


Who would get a car?! I don't even know if I'm hired tomorrow or not!!! May be 2 years after we pass recession successfully
and survive it. Thanks for asking though. I'll pray for you.

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