Friday, October 10, 2008

I Won!

It’s been a little more than a month that I’ve been working in here and I had a few confrontations with the assholes who were trying to make up stories and get away from fines and tickets. A serious one was an asshole who made a big deal out of it. I was a little worried because the guy threatened to call a top manager and the mayor.
Although none of the bullshits could scare me off but I was a bit worried after that. So when I got on the bus the morning after that and saw a Commissionaire sitting and heading the same destination that I’m to, I got really scared! I thought that’s a guy who was goin’ to take over me, without even a warning! I tried to talk to the old man and ask him where he was going to but couldn’t! I excuse myself once and hoped that he heard me but he didn’t! So I sighed when he got off the bus half the way.
A few non-working day passed and I did my first day of this period. My partner noticed a letter from the guy on the desk of the supervisor. He was even more worried. He’s an old guy who has just bought an apartment condo and he’s worried about not being able to pay his mortgages. I had a report on the desk of the supervisor that night; so he knew what had happened. He told us he was happy with our team and added that the guy had a short visit of him. He said that he noticed that the guy was a jerk especially when he said that he wanted to talk to the Operations Manager and the mayor! He said that he had told the guy that there wouldn’t be a need for this conversation if he was going to talk to those guys!
So we won, or better to say that I won. The guy has a ticket which must be paid and costs him at least $30, if is paid in a week, has lost his reputation and can show up in our jurisdiction unless he acts like a real nice person and is obedient.

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