Thursday, July 09, 2009


I was turned down by the employer yesterday. That was a supervisory job in Vancouver. I had a very bad feeling hours after. Such a frustration. I knew that I did not do very well in the interview but that was not too bad also. There was a little hope. I wasn't dreaming though. That job could be an starting point which would have led me to much better positions in near future. The lady human resources specialist said that she would give me a call tomorrow (today) to discuss the case and help me to improve my interview skills.
There were bunch of stupid question in the interview which I answered them in the same way! One question, for instance, was " What is the worst thing that you have ever heard about the company? "(!) I told them one thing that I had heard and they asked me if I believed in that(!) and I denied!
There's another position available now and I doubt I'm applying. I, firstly, have to see if the other one, the part-time one, gets me or not. I'm no optimist about that one. I'm sure I'm doing well at the job but was not able to prove it to them, to the interviewers! That's the most important part. I messed up really bad.

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