Tuesday, July 07, 2009

Dawn of the Dinosaurs

We watched Ice Age 3 yesterday in Metrotown. It was my first time watching a three dimensional movie and worth it. A special pair of glasses was given to everyone before the movie started. I had already watched part 2 and there were same characters and obviously a kid's story. I just wanted to see how a 3D movie works. Very exciting at times!
Hollywood announced a few months ago that it will focus in 3Ds more. A Canadian expert has been working on a new system which enables directors to use high-tech apparatuses to make more realistic 3D movies. We're looking to see more.
(Photo: This pair of glasses was given to me to watch the 3D movie. It get recycled after that. The movie was a real fun especially the scene of bird dinosaurs chasing each other. Fabulous!)

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