Sunday, July 26, 2009

Recycling (2)

I bought my first iPod in 2005. That was just the time iPod emerged. I guess I paid a much as $400 for a 20 GB Classic and that was just to play songs. Then it just got broken and never played a song again! I guess it was infected by viruses because I never bought a song from iTunes! I always downloaded it from free sites and transferred it to the iPod and that was the result! Then I called Apple Canada and asked if there was any chance it could be fixed. The guy in Ontario told me that it might but it would cost as much as $150! He suggested me to buy a new one and said that I will be eligible for a 10% discount if I present the old iPod.
Then we went to the only Apple store in Brit"Shit" Columbia in Pacific Centre and told what we had been earlier advised.
The guys in there were all surprised seeing the old iPod in it's box. I bet none of them had seen it before or owned it at the time. They all admitted that. They got the old iPod from me but left the earphone, the USP cables and chargers and gave me a 10% discount on an iPod Nano 8 GB which not only plays music but also displays photos and plays videos. I have tested it with songs and photos but not videos as the common formats don't fit in it.
(Photo: The box of my Classic iPod is going to be kept as a memorabilia)

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