Thursday, July 23, 2009

Important Questions

I would like to stress that the main goal of this weblog is to keep the things I like untouched for future reference. This is not being written to satisfy anybody but me. At the same time if there's anything that could be helpful to people or if there's any question that I'm able to answer, I''l be more than happy to do that. This little note is for the sole asshole who comes to this weblog at times and bullshits; also for such other guys.
Here, I'm bringing up part of the questions I had to answer in my last interview and I failed! I was so close but I missed. This is to remind me and help me as well for the next possible opportunity. You, as a reader, if there's any, focus as well and I hope it helps you too. Every one is aware of these questions, though. This is no secret. You can find them in any interview preparation book. Something that I didn't and led to my failure(!):
1- Give an example of how you create an encouraging environment at work.
2- Tell me about strength and weaknesses.
3- Give an example of a time that you were able to persuade someone at work.
4- Give an example of a time that it was necessary to change your action under circumstances.
5- Give an example of a time that you made a mistake. How did you handle that? What was the result?
6- How did you provide leadership in the past positions you held?
7- What are the ingredients for a successful business leadership?
8- How would you deal with an under-performing employee?
9- How would you deal with people from different backgrounds at work?
10- Provide an example of an evaluation technique you implemented.
11- Provide an example of a time that you motivated a colleague.
12- Describe a situation in which your manager/supervisor was not available and you had to deal with a problem. You were not sure what the best action was to take.
13- Describe a time that you were not satisfied with the job you had done or the service you had provided.
Now think of the answers!

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