Wednesday, July 08, 2009


Recycling is a big business in North America. Cans, bottles, boxes, etc get back to life after being used. There are people who basically live on recycling. Some return items as a source of income. I remember I was told once that Vietnamese and other South East Asians, who does recycling earn as much as $4000 annually! That covers their vehicle insurance and adds more to their grocery basket. There's one funny add that you can see them on Transit buses. I tried to find them on the net, in their website and didn't. Then I used my mobile phone and took a photo. It's funny.
(Photo: The title of this ad is Don't Mess with Karma. The cartoon says it all by itself but the message means that you better not be against the fate or destiny or you'll get wasted! I couldn't make it clearer than this using that camera)


Anonymous said...

Funny ad!

I guess they ignored the fact that making a skateboard made of plastic causes much more damage to the environment than tossing a tin can in the garbage which rusts and and gets back to nature in less than 6 month :)

BTW, cool pizza, I like cooking too and this is the Kabob season which I am good at!

Cheers bro,

Royal Gunnery

The Tough Guy said...

I doubt that a can goes back to nature in less than six months. Are you sure about that?