Monday, July 13, 2009

Opportunist Capitalists!

I was talking to Hodani last night on the phone and he told me about the company he works for, Lilydale. He said that about a month ago or a little before that the company announced a situation in which the employees had two choices:
1- Get laid off (Not down!)
2- Accept a 7% in salary reduction.
This is bullshit! Hodani said that they were nagging and crying ... Oh! Lots of orders have been canceled! There is not many customers! We have to shut the plants! Etc! Horseshit! This stupid recession which all was started by stupid Americans has nothing to do with food industry. Actually I believe orders should have been increased because people rather cook at home these days unless they are Canadian because many of these assholes don't know what and how to cook! Anyway UFCW called for a referendum and the employees voted for 7% wage decrease with the hope that the economic situation gets better in near future and everyone gets his/her original salary!
Who really believes a huge company which has plants all over Canada and most of the plants work 3 shifts a day gets into financial problem?! Even the troubled GM has new advertisement broadcasted every day saying GM is not going out of business. GM going down the business! It's said the company's new product, Camaro has been a help and it's trying to get back on his knees. Hodani added that he voted for the 7% decrease alternative because he was intimidated by the company indirectly and feared about his future. " That was against my belief " he said. I understand him I would probably would do the same, if I were him. It's not easy to fight Capitalism. It needs good leadership, a plan and educated team.
And at the end I should really get into these union thing, realize what they are doing in this world of Capitalism. T. S., my colleague, was saying the other day that UAW has bought a big share of GM, possibly as much as 40%! I was surprised. Here comes Socialism! I will read enough and post about it soon. That's remarkable!
(Photo: GM's Volt, the revolutionary vehicle is planned to be in the market as early as 2011 to be another help like Camaro to troubled automaker)

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