Friday, July 24, 2009

Shocking Unemployment News

I received an e-mail response from Kevin today indicating he was unemployed! My first reaction was that it was a joke! That's what I wrote him back! But he's not kind of a guy who lies or jokes about these stuff. You never know, though. People change.
Kevin was amongst the top students in the school, always busy with his courses. He never was to any activity or program. His only hobby was masturbation!
He joined a well-known engineering company and worked there for almost 10 years. He came to Canada almost at the same time I did but left shortly after because he didn't want to do anything rather than his professional filed. Then he came back in 2005 and stayed; joined an engineering company and then moved to a very famous one who has offices almost everywhere and is involved in energy and infrastructure projects in Canada and abroad. He bought a small apartment and financed a nice car just a year after his employment. Then he got married last year. I have no idea if his spouse works or not but will find out and post. This is all good to know. We all will learn a lot from other's experiences.


Anonymous said...

What was the reason?

The Tough Guy said...

There's just no work! No project!
Also look at Mohammad's comment on the post " Canada's Seven ... "