Wednesday, July 01, 2009

Flashback (19): Kamix

K. H. M. whom is called Kamix herein after was one of the remote friends of mine that I used to be in touch. He lives in Toronto. Today I decided to tell some of the funny stories about him. The sissy guy is amongst the ones who used to live under her mom's arm until the day he left the old country!
Not knowing what to do with the chores he really had a few bad first years in that metropolitan. He even broke his leg once. We used to talk on the Messenger a lot and also at times on the phone and he would go bananas. I wonder how he lives there now 'cause the guy is the type who does get along with almost no one! When we were talking he would nag and complain about almost everything: neighbours, girls who never paid attention to him, food, weather, work, colleagues, managers, vehicles, even his mom and sisters back home! It has been more than 2 years that we're not in touch anymore. One of the funny stories once happened is the guy had found a Canadian girl in one of these stupid dating websites and wanted to meet her. It was Christmas time. You can easily imagine that the Canadian girl who wants to spend her Christmas and New Year with a chubby, short, grey-head foreigner who is not even able to make a simple conversation, is not anybody but a fat, rejected, smoker, stinky, ugly girl. There're plenty of them here. They most of the time hang out with the same type of opposite gender and many times with Africans. That one probably was someone special, in love with a special guy! Nevertheless Kamix was or better to say is a certified database administrator, someone who makes good money, if he's hired. But his problem was and may be still is, that he gets part-time positions for lets say 6 months, works, gets laid off and is unemployed for 3 months or less! It's like someone in the middle of the ocean, a rafter who floats. He struggles with the waves and sharks and bright direct sunlight! He's fine for a while and in trouble at the other times!
Anyhow he contacted me and said that the girl who lived in Ajax wanted to meet with him on Christmas Eve or so! He asked me what it meant I am into almost everything, a kind of like quote she had in her profile! I didn't say to him that if he didn't know what that means, he should have forgotten meeting her! I explained to him what the meaning was and he said that he understood. Then he was not sure if he should have driven in a cold night of Dec. all the way to the town. He wanted company but he didn't want to risk it! He didn't want to face her family either because I told him that it was very likely that he would have to sit at the turkey dinner table with her family. It was a dilemma for him. I guess after hours of consultation(!) and giving enough thought he was not still sure what he had to do! I probably post more stories of this nice guy later.

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