Wednesday, December 02, 2009

A Two-Week Mandatory Break

I had to stay away from my regular exercises for about two weeks. I had a pain in the chest one day after my Cooper Test practice. It actually was I think I got out of the building when I still was sweating and panting and I caught a cold. The doctors don't think so. (I saw two different doctors three times and I had two lab tests!) She also doesn't think that there's anything wrong with the heart. She just warned me of fatty stuff as the test result shows a bit of high Cholesterol. That could be a result of eating too much egg, as many as 6 in a week!
The electronic scale showed 195.6 lb and I felt good after the exercises. I didn't push it too hard, though.
(Photo: My ECG. One doctor found it normal and I'm going to show it to another doctor today)

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