Thursday, September 21, 2006

Stanley Park

In the afternoon of last Sat. we went to Stanley Park, a very beautiful peninsula in Vancouver comprising different beaches. It has also food bars and a outdoor pool but the pool was closed at the time. There were still people enjoying the sands and sun but there were a very few of them. We had our lunch which was mostly fish and chips and then we went to a kind of stage where live music was goin’ on and people were dancing. Weed was being smelled everywhere! That was a group of Hippie people who were enjoying themselves. Amongst them there were some ordinary people as well. Then we took the trial and headed to English Bay. Roller skaters and bikers were enjoying the last sunny days of Vancouver and also hikers and runners. There were blackberry bushes beside the trail but the ripe ones were out of reach. Painters and craftsmen were presenting their works. This is very common in holidays and weekends in Canada, when you go to the walking streets or street festivals and exhibitions.
We then drove to downtown to try a very expensive but delicious Italian ice cream called Mondo Gelato. There are not many branches around. I know there’s not one in Calgary and prob. not in Toronto, Edmonton and other major cities as well.
Vancouver is just amazing, full of restaurants, parks, luxury shops the brands you prob. don’t see anywhere else or may be seen rarely, luxury cars and all entertainment you might be looking for in North America. You can even compare that to Toronto, forget about Calgary or Edmonton! I have to plan for a longer trip to discover its beauty more and more. But it's expensive. I mean staying and enjoying the outdoor and scenery, restaurants, shopping and prob. adult entertainment which I didn't try this time as I was hosted by a family, should cost a lot.
Anyway we headed home after that and marinated chicken legs, drumsticks and breasts were waiting for us in the fridge. We had a good barbecue chicken dinner, made by my cousin. Her husband made us a kind of alcoholic beverage which I can't recall the name. That was mixed with orange juice and I bet It was really hard to drink it without that. That was strong, prob. as strong as the Vodka, Hodani bought once and I didn't even touch that. You could smell strong alcohol easily. That's a 40% booze! And that was all for our Sat. night.
(Photo: people are playing drums and other instruments in Stanley Park and enjoying themselves. That was so much fun)

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